Data safety policy

Your data are safe!
We fully provide all the security applications accepted as standard worldwide


ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certificate helps organizations and their customers to keep and manage their confidential information.


SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is a product that checks the accuracy of the site addresses and ensures the secure communication of the data communication between the two points by means of an encrypted channel.


3D secure

It is a system developed to ensure the security of the cardholders and their cards in payments made over the Internet using credit and debit cards.

In line with the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard, we commit to

  • Provide secure access to the information assets of oneself and the stakeholders,
  • Protect the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information,
  • Evaluate and manage the risks that may arise on the information assets of oneself and the stakeholders,
  • Protect the reliability and brand image of the corporation,
  • Apply the sanctions required in case of an information security violation,
  • Provide information security requirements arising from the national, international or sectoral regulations that it is subjected to, fulfil the relevant legislation and standard requirements, meet its obligations arising from agreements, and corporate responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders,
  • Reduce the impact of information security threats on Business/Service continuity and to ensure business continuity and sustainability,
  • Maintain and improve the level of information security with the established control infrastructure,
  • Provide trainings in order to develop competencies to increase the awareness of information security.

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