Account movements of all banks on one screen

Automatically process payments to your bank accounts Check all your bank accounts in seconds



It ensures that all bank transactions of the banks are viewed and managed on one screen.


It detects the payments received in your bank accounts within seconds. It removes time losses by processing incoming payments in seconds.


It allows you to view and manage your term deposit accounts and drawing accounts, credit and check accounts, DBS, DTS and POS accounts in all banks from a single screen.


It minimizes your labor costs on processing payments to your bank accounts.


It prevents all security gaps that may occur as a result of the transaction by connecting to the Internet branch.

Error-Free Processing Capability

It prevents the entry of a payment coming into your bank account in the wrong current account. It prevents a payment coming to your bank account from closing a wrong order.


Online Banking, Detailed POS Reports, Dealer Collection Programs, Virtual POS Infrastructure and Cash Collection Programs can also be used optionally.

All Features


Thanks to its Multi Processing structure, BulutTahsilat can process thousands of payments simultaneously in seconds. Thus, it allows you to keep track of the payments coming to different bank accounts without having to check them one by one.

Easy to install or update

It processes payments even when the staff is not present. All transfer operations are done automatically.

Powerful features and reports

You can get daily, weekly and monthly reports. You can get reports between two specific dates. You can get a report of the payment transactions of customers or dealers.

Optimized for performance

You don't have to deal with the constantly changing and developing services of banks and their integration.

Fully compatible unlimited integration

It provides automatic transfer of incoming payment records by connecting to all accounting, e-commerce, CRM and ERP software.

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