Manage your business with Aymada, increase your profitability and turnover.


You can easily make sales through any mobile device connected to the Internet. You can access turnover and profitability reports online and track your category based product sales.


You can set limits for your customers and easily create reports on overdue collections or payments.


You can track your stocks on the basis of serial numbers or amounts, scan them with barcodes and print labels.


You can design your invoices freely and print them on any printer. If you wish, you can use E-Invoice and E-Archive and accept incoming E-Invoices with one click.

Collection / Payment

You can save all your collections and payments and speed up your cash flow. You can easily start the collection processes for your overdue receivables.

E-Invoice / E-Archive

You can send the invoices you created as an E-Invoice electronically if the company you're working with is an E-Invoice user.

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Buy your license easily, step into the magical world of Aymada. Manage all your trades with Aymada.

Easy to install or update

Aymada is easy to use, even a user who has never used a computer, can get used to it immediately.

Powerful features and reports

Aymada allows you to track your profitability during the day, your cash, the sales made in cash or using credit cards, and the sales made by your employees online and easily.

Optimized for performance

Aymada automates all of your business and provides corporate solutions by allowing you to easily access any specific detail from dozens of reports.

Fully compatible unlimited integration

You can use Aymada from the office, store, home, on any computer or all mobile devices.

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